Sunday, May 01, 2005

What Kind of Presbyterian Are You?

A new quiz based on this paper by Tim Keller. The quiz is short on questions, big on generalizations.

My results:

1: You are Reformed Historical! Most in this group support ‘strict subscription’ to the Confession and are mainly inspired by earlier forms of Presbyterianism. What divides Reformed-historicals and the rest of the PCA is not so much doctrinal differences as differences in perspective (and attitude) regarding how to communicate our doctrine and relate it to the post-Christian culture. (100%)

2: You are Reformed Conservative! You may be more culturally conservative than committed to a specific form of Presbyterianism. Many in this group don't like the strident rhetoric of the "Truly Reformed" crowd. You are standing for very good causes and are appropriately concerned for the moral decline of our culture. (73%)

3: You are Reformed Evangelical! You focus more on "distributing nutrients" to the church rather than "attacking infection". You are committed to Reformed theology that you feel is more biblically than culturally derived and are devoted to present-day ‘missions and ministry.’ However, you are susceptible to adopting pragmatic approaches to ministry that are not reflective of Reformed/biblical distinctives. You may be prone to evaluate influence by size of church numbers rather than by evidences of transformation in society. (57%)

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Barb said...

Ughhh... I intended to resist this test because I have sympathies with each camp. I guess my results show that too:

1. Reformed Evangelical, 100%
2. Reformed Historical, 100%
3. Reformed Conservative, 85%