Friday, May 20, 2005

Amazing Adoption Stories Part 1

A big howdy to the Geaslen family! Thanks for relaying the amazing adoption story to us tonight. Since the mainstream media often relays only horror stories about domestic adoptions, it's good to hear and pass on some good news.

While we wait for our adoption in God's timing, we have opportunities to speak to many people about our experiences. As Kristin spreads the news about the many black American babies that need loving families to adopt them, some extended family of the Geaslens wondered why they have never heard of any as they wait to adopt. They inquired, found out that their agency does not do transracial adoptions, and just recently switched to one that did. Right away the situation changed.

Just a few days ago they received a request to meet for lunch with a birthmother who needed to place her 10 month old child. At the end of the meal the birthmother decided this was the right family to raise the child and placed her in the hands of her new mother right there in the restaurant! Needless to say the adoptive family was surprised to go from childless to parenting a 10 month old in a matter of minutes!

We rejoice that this child now has a loving two-parent home--complete with a special aunt, uncle, and several cousins!

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