Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Saving Lives Through Relationships

The Air Force set aside part of today to focus on the importance of taking care of each other. Part of the event entails a keynote speaker who addresses the 900-person student body. Today's speaker is an alcoholic who came within a hair of killing himself--he's also a friend of mine and a fellow student. He will soon be separated from the Air Force and almost ruined his marriage. At the last event a few months ago another keynote speaker explained how close she came to killing herself (note written out, plans made, etc)--she is also a friend and one of my professors. Both friends of mine, and I had no idea of their struggles!

I met both of them at a previous assignment, they each worked just a couple of cubicles from me every day. Who would have guessed what was just below the surface in their lives? How many more friends do I have now (and will soon have in New Mexico) that hide such terrible secrets?

This is a call to prayer...that God would help me be better at developing genuine relationships...that God would enlarge my heart for those around me...that God would use me to save lives.

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