Thursday, October 23, 2003

We Bare All

Here's a first. A church friend of ours was approached at a home-schooling ballet class that meets in a church by a, get this, female stripper. This lady of a different kind of dance was passing out business cards.

Our friend was disappointed with her reaction to the solicitation, which was disgust, she thought of how Jesus spent time with similarly-employed ladies. But I tend to think that disgust is exactly the right reaction. A woman, presuming she's sane, who can walk around inside a church building and pass out business cards for her stripper serivces is obviously unrepentant--she has no sense of shame whatsoever.

The rebuke must come first, and if repentance follows then you welcome her inside the real church.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Tearing Down Foundations

I can't get away from Bible-belt Christianity. Unbelievers assume that since I'm open about being a Christian that I must also be a tee-totaler prude, a fan of the 700 club, basically a close-minded fundamentalist.

On the other hand, the local Christians assume that because I'm open about being a Christian I must like "Purpose-Drive" this and that, know who's hot on the contemporary Christian music charts, be all for prayer in schools, etc.

In the South, the foundation erected on the cornerstone of Christ has neglected the Apostles and prophets and instead tacked on their own here today, gone tomorrow teachers. I can't compete with the mass of Bible-belt Christians to win the role of defining what Christianity is to the public. What's needed is a demolition crew to teardown the monstrosity that's been cobbled together.