Sunday, May 22, 2005

Roamin' Catholics

I was worried about dinner tonight. I invited a military family over to eat with us who are new to the area; they have 5 young children and eagerly talk of more. They also homeschool. Since this is Trinity Sunday, I had put together a devotion for after dinner on that topic but were worried that the family might be Mormon. But when they offered to bring a bottle of wine my fears were put to rest--they're either Reformational or Catholic!

They are Roman Catholic. This is the first homeschooling Catholic family we've met. We enjoyed dining with them very much. I was able to learn why they homeschool instead of using a Catholic school, who their influences are, and some things about their family catechism time.

They are a great family; someone we'd enjoy spending more time with. The wife is a cradle Catholic, but the husband was baptized in the Methodist church, like me. His understanding of the differences between Roman Catholics and Protesting Catholics lacked a little, and he is such an affable guy, I can't help but wonder what would happen if we had more time together.

And he brings a mighty fine wine!

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