Saturday, May 07, 2005

Meet a Friend of Ours

We met Joe and Melene during our time in Illinois. I worked with Joe and our families were soon worshipping together and part of the same small group. Joe is an Air Force pilot and Melene is a gifted musician and mother of two beautiful daughters. They currently live in North Carolina. Melene started blogging and is the first blogger that we've known in real life before meeting in the blogosphere! I hope you'll stop in at Sing for Joy.


Melene said...

Thanks for the kinds words, Tim. How did the garage sale go??

Tim said...

The garage and closets are in good shape for the movers--that was our major objective, so overall it went well.

We probably sold a few hundred pounds of stuff, and we're down to only one trip's worth of stuff for Goodwill.

Kristin is pleased, and Eli is even more thrilled that he netted $9.