Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Lighten Up

Tomorrow starts our 3-day garbage, er I mean, garage sale. Everything must go! As we move in June (to our 10th home in 11 years) we're sick and tired of packing and unpacking the same unlistened to CDs, unlooked at books, unplayed with toys, unworn clothes, etc. Plants are free, but my children will gleefully charge you a quarter for a cup of lemonade.

I'm reminded of the time after our wedding ceremony when a retired military wife looked at our stash of stuff and sadly warned us, "after 3 moves it's firewood." Well, it certainly has a way of piling up. Hopefully, we'll sell enough this weekend to cut down our trips to Goodwill.


Suzanne said...

In my experience, cute children make more $ selling lemonade. Our "firewood" didn't seem to be worth much to anyone else either. Maybe a good opportunity to witness?

Tim said...

The children made $7 today, mostly on lemonade. Perhaps it was due to cuteness, but a couple shoppers mentioned how persistantly our kids hounded them!

One lady who stopped in said that her kids often drive by our house and say "that man is always outside playing with his kids!" and how they wished their Father had played with them when they were young. That was encouraging to hear!