Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ideas for Mother's Days

Kristin does more than most moms are expected to these days--homeschooling is a big part of it, but other convictions also increase the demands upon her as a mother. Therefore, "I am determined that [my wife] shall not be driven to desperation," (can you cite that quote?) and have thought of a few good ways to keep that from happening. Here are the ones that come to mind:
  • Sabbaticals: An overnight "get-away" somewhere relaxing. This is not so much an escape as it is a time of reflection. I give her an edifying book or audio recording that reminds her how special this time of life is
  • Weekly Time: An evening or an afternoon to do something alone -- either crafts, or even just errands
  • Reading: Besides giving her books to read, I also have her periodically review notes that I took on helpful books that we've read together in the past. This is a quick way to remember the wisdom of previous year's reading.
  • Sabbath Feasting: Like the Israelites in the wilderness, we pick up twice as much manna the day before the Sabbath, so there's no need to cook or go out on the Sabbath. We order enough carry-out for Saturday night's dinner to also supply Sunday's lunch.

Any other ideas?


Suzanne said...

What does Kristen say??

My DH plays with the children almost every evening. It's the highlight of everyone's day. Sometimes I join in too but sometimes I need a little space. I've already had quality and quantity time with the chldren.

And I also look forward to Daddy enforcing an early bedtime for the children so that we can have some time together as a couple.

Tim said...

Kristin likes having me home earlier than normal (being a student means I come home when I want to), because she can go to the gym and prepare dinner in peace while I play with the children.

The downside is that I make up the study time at night, so we have less time together as a couple.