Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Post-Modern Professors

This is the first week of a new semester here at the Air Force Institute of Technology. My classes are your typical engineering and mathematics sorts of courses, but one of the professors has decided to teach his captive audience a thing or two about ethics.

This much I've learned. When secular universities or organizations say they're going to teach "ethics", they really mean they're going to teach deconstruction.

So far our professor has attempted to take a wrecking-ball to religion and absolute morality in general. He has shown himself to be a Carl Sagan acolyte: reason is king, evolution is proven, abortion is a right, etc. In the name of "Critical Thinking" he made a strawman out of the Bible and then whacked it around some. He enlightened us on the "dilemma of God". This is really not the kind of instruction our military officers need.

I interjected a few times during class with some counterpoints and spoke with him afterwards, but he has a bully pulpit. What this has to do with engineering I don't know.

However, the damage to my classmates is limited. Even when there's no voice for the Bible, there is another two-edged sword to count on--apathy. Many of my students are apathetic about their need for a Savior and that's lamentable. But on days like this, I'm glad they're also apathetic about "ethics".

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