Thursday, January 20, 2005

Encouraged by the Heidelberg

I do not doubt God will turn to my good whatever adversity he sends me in this sad world. He is able to do this because he is almighty God; he desires to do this because he is a faithful Father. All things, in fact, come to me not by chance but from his fatherly hand. I can be patient when things go against me and have good confidence in my faithful God and Father. All creatures are so completely in his hand that without his will they can neither move nor be moved.

I trust him alone, look to him for every good thing humbly and patiently, love him, fear him, and honor him with all my heart. I give up anything rather than go against his will in any way.

I do whatever I can for my neighbor's good; I work faithfully so that I may share with those in need.

I rest on this unshakable foundation: even though I do not deserve it, God will surely listen to my prayer because of Christ my Lord. That is what he promised in his Word.

Help us one and all to carry out the work we are called to, as willingly and faithfully as the angels in heaven.

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Ann V. said...

And sometimes we are called to blog ~warm smile~
I blogged about RC Sproul's blog-humbug piece....and rejoice that you continue to put thoughts to screen.
It matters.
Ann (praying for the perfect babe at the perfect time for you and yours)