Friday, January 21, 2005

Gagging the Relief Workers

This AP journalist is upset with the evangelism efforts of Christian relief agencies. He sympathetically quotes Nihad Awad, director of the Council on American-Islamic relations, "just when our nation's [America's] image in the Islamic world was improving as a result of the outpouring of American aid in the tsunami disaster area, we hear from those who would exploit the tragedy to advance their own extremist agenda."

It seems to many that Christian "proselytizing" is of more concern than even the murder threats of the Muslim "relief" officials. Hasri Husan, director of a Muslim relief shelter warns, "we will chase down any Christian group that does anything beyond offering aid," and then makes a slashing motion across his throat.

Feeling the pressure to either be gagged or lose your head, we should pray for the Christian relief workers to boldly offer Christ along with His blessings of food, water, shelter and medicine.

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