Monday, May 05, 2008

Welcome to Middle Earth, Eli

I've been waiting for this day; Eli has ventured into Middle Earth. He picked up The Hobbit two days ago and it has now been put back on the bookshelf like a horse ridden hard. He quickly reached for The Fellowship of the Ring and I know I'll have to pry it from his fingers at bedtime.

This is significant for me because as I child I didn't want to read. As one untimely born I came to regret the worlds that I missed in those formative years and have tried to play catch up. By God's grace one of our parenting goals is being met--we want all our children to love to read! I attribute part of this accomplishment to the desire God has given Kristin and me to minimize TV and decorate the house with good books which the children often see us enjoying.

As soon as Mordor is destroyed, I have a feeling he'll be heading to Narnia.


DieselRV said...

He's got great taste in books! I agree, TV is such a waste on brain cells for the most part.

Margaret in VA said...

I'm so thankful that my own parents were such voracious readers. We were expected to read Narnia by 10 years and Tolkien before starting highschool.
My parents also offered a "scholarship" of $50 for the child who could finish the Simarillion! I couldn't do it ;^)

What a blessing it is to not only be able to teach our children to read, but to introduce them to excellent literature.