Thursday, May 08, 2008

Race Tracks and Ranches

It's field trip time as we end the school year (by the way, Isaiah finished kindergarten today! Kristin has now taught 3 of our children to read!). The Unser Racing Museum was the destination this week. It's a cool place for kids, but what I want to mention here is a conversation Kristin had while she was there about another great place for kids.

One of the ladies in the homeschool group that Kristin met is a foster mom for New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranches, which just happens to be a prayer focus for our church this month. Kristin took the opportunity to get an independent assessment of The Ranches. She was happy to hear that this foster mom has been pleased with the care and supervision that the folks at The Ranches show for these children with troubled pasts.

During the past year, over a hundred children were cared for through their residential programs alone. In addition to a safe place to live, they received counseling and guidance...a solid education...a strong moral foundation. I'm glad we support the work of The Ranches.

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