Tuesday, May 13, 2008

School money

We received word today that Grace (8) and Isaiah (5) were accepted into a new classical, Christian school for next year. So for two days a week Kristin will have a lighter load and our children will get some new experiences.

The lock-down at the base elementary school last week (bomb threat) reminded us of one reason why we like homeschooling, but we also like the idea of a classical education which focuses on critical thinking skills, classic languages such as Latin and Greek, and an age appropriate knowledge.

Eli will also be attending a help-for-the- homeschooler type school one day a week that also takes a classical approach to learning.

Since we are down to our last year here we thought we'd experiment with a new school environment before we move next summer. That way if we still prefer homeschooling after we try out these schools, we'll be able to start anew in a new place.

So Kristin will still be homeschooling next year, we'll all be a good deal poorer, but hopefully it will all add up to an excellent education.

By the way, here's a good video clip about not letting different convictions regarding educational choices ruin good relationships.

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