Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pulpit Supply at the Navajo Bible Church (pt 2)

I preached on the power of the cross in putting sin to death to 18 souls among the Navajo nation today. We were warmly received and God gave me strength to set Christ before them with some affection and power. J and my son Eli were excellent company and represented our church well to these brothers, sisters, and new friends.
We had the great joy of meeting Harriet Butler, 25 years the missionary to the Navajos. Her love to see Christ formed in these people and her willingness to live in near-poverty in a lonesome place for much of her life combined to convict me of being an unwilling servant. Could I live this way, in this place, for so long? Would I choose to live this way, as she has since 1985?
I hope to return again, but this time with my whole family, and enjoy additional fellowship among the Navajos.

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