Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Heart Thursday Nights (by Kristin)

I am thankful to my sweet husband who allows me to get out of the house on Thursday evenings. Sometimes I wish I could run an errand by myself or shop, but especially on those nights, I find that I have been blessed to be at CareNet and see God at work. Take tonight for instance.

J did not speak English so her friend M accompanied her to help interpret.

M asked as they walked in “Do you offer birth control?” I replied, that we did not, but offer counseling and promote abstinence. As we were talking M shared their story:

J found out she was pregnant at PP. They told J through M that she was about a month pregnant and there was no heartbeat. Just a bunch of cells. M said she knew better, but agreed to go to the clinic that gives abortions with J.

As they approached the clinic there was a man with a sign that said “Choose Life”. M said to J, “Hey, that sign is for you”. The man holding the sign asked what they were doing. So M told him about J’s situation. The man told her about CareNet and how we offer free services and ultrasounds. He recommended they come see us. Then he spoke again, this time in Spanish to J. She decided to not proceed, but called CareNet.

M was so excited as she told us that she called. We usually make appointments and M said she really felt like J needed to come in soon. We had an opening tonight. So J and M came tonight and saw ultrasounds photos of a 18 week old baby girl. J decided to keep the precious gift.

Tonight we praised the Lord with J and M. M said “Phillip”,the man with the sign, was a guardian angel from the Lord. We are thankful that he spoke J’s language and opened her heart to come to us. We thanked God for an opening in the appointment schedule tonight. We thanked God for our schedules, particularly the ultrasound tech, being open tonight so we could come and serve.

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boqpod said...

Praise God! That is just fantastic!

"I call heaven & earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life & death, blessing & curse. Therefore choose life, that you & your offspring may live..." (Deut 30:19)