Monday, May 12, 2008

Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a means of grace

It is true: it is better to give than to receive. Our long-term missionary to the Navajos, an 86 year old widow, just proved that point. Our little church, under the leadership of the deacons, is buying this special mother of the faith a new-er car. Why is this remarkable? She writes,

Let me tell you something. Often we who trust the Lord for our decisions for the future may misinterpret or may be confused about events. Then we decide that God is trying to tell us a door is closing or is being opened.

Last Friday, my wonderful Mercury Topaz gave me such trouble that I pondered the Lord's intentions concerning my continued calling to work among the Navajo women. To get the car going, I had to open the hood which is too heavy for my arms and in particular, my weak right hand. With hood open, the "rigged" fan to cool the radiator had to be connected to the battery. Then drop the hood, by which process, the wire to the fan disconnected and said process had to be redone (three times and each time I had to get back in the car to pull the handle to open the hood again). I think I "lost my cool" and cried to the Lord, "I NEED A BETTER CAR SO I CAN DO MY JOB!"

Did my Heavenly Father hear that cry for help and let the PPC folks answer with your offer? He does work in mysterious ways.

A Subaru Forester? W H E E W !

The Lord always surprises me with His care. And you folks are often His servants to deliver those surprises. You do know with a car like that I could get to people I have not visited for more than a year. I must have misinterpreted His intentions by thinking He meant for me to resign. I am too young for that kind of life, right?

The offerings of one local church, and a small one at that, are being used all over the world in ways just like this. What a joy to see this truth so clearly for once.

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