Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pulpit Supply at the Navajo Bible Church

I'm heading out to Crystal, New Mexico today in order to preach to the Navajo Bible Church on the Lord's Day. I'm thankful to have great traveling companions, my oldest son and a friend from church. I look forward to meeting the Navajos and especially our faithful mother in the faith, Harriet Butler who at 86 years of age continues to labor among the Navajos. The little log cabin where the church meets was built by the tribe; the trees were felled, readied, and the house was built completely by the Navajo people.

I can't help but think a little of David Brainerd as I prepare. Although I have little in common with him (to my shame), I do desire to emulate his great passion for Christ to be known among the "Indians". Here are a couple of quotes from his famous journal that are good words for the journey.

Rode 16 miles to Montauk, and had some inward sweetness on the road, but something of flatness and deadness after I came there and had seen the Indians: I withdrew and endeavored to pray, but found myself awfully deserted and left, and had an afflicting sense of my vileness and meanness."

"Felt my heart drawn out after God in prayer, almost all the forenoon; especially while riding. And in the evening, could not help crying to God for those poor Indians; and after I went to bed my heart continued to go out to God for them, till I dropped asleep. Oh, 'Blessed be God that I may pray!

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