Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thinking biblically about physical fitness

Spring is starting here in Albuquerque, and despite the allergies I think it's wonderful. This time of year we often think more about our bodies and what kind of shape they're in. For many this can be a consuming thought. One Bible teacher I heard recently (I can't remember who) made a point along these lines worth sharing.

For Christians, our physical fitness goal is to be a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). We are not to be fit as an end in itself, or to impress others sensually. We are to be fit so that we can serve our neighbor for Christ's sake. Physical fitness is of some value (1 Tim 4:8); it enables us to work hard in caring for others. A father needs energy to labor honorably at the office and then come home and teach the children and love his wife. A mother needs to be in shape so she can keep up with the children and still be enthusiastic when her husband arrives. A single person is to be in shape so he can serve others in need while meeting his other responsibilities. You get the idea.

We are to be living sacrificies. May this principle become the next workout craze!

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Cody said...

The Living Sacrifice Diet? I like it!!!