Friday, March 23, 2007

Seeing Double

The agency in Alabama that placed Faith with us called today. They asked how soon we could be ready to adopt again. They have two sets of twins and one other baby all due in the next couple of months. And there are no families to place these children with! How can that be?

One major reason is race. These babies are all either bi-racial or full African-American. While adoption-minded families wait for years for a Caucasian or Chinese baby, very few families are open to children of darker races. It would be great if Christian families would get beyond race issues and take these children into their homes and thus into the Church.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!! We are a christian family from Mo with 2 kiddo's-our son is his/cau our daughter is black. I am asked often if we adopted our daughter from Africa- like that would make a diffrence in their minds.
We will pray for these babies.-Amie Ladd

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have to tell you I found your blog on Amy's Humble Musings. That said- I went thru your adoption posts- how sweet Faith is!! I showed my husband her picture and he said I should go upstairs and make sure our Lily was still in her bed! LOL Our little girl is 21 months old. Good luck to you and Kristin on the addition of your next family member!-Amie Ladd

Tim said...

Amie - thanks for writing. It's always encouraging to come across families like yours.

Do you think you may adopt again some day?