Saturday, March 10, 2007

Parent Perks

You have to know what to look for, but if you do there are lots of perks to parenting. Two from today stand out.

First was hearing my youngest daughter (18 months old) wake up in her crib singing Holy, Holy, Holy in baby-talk. The second was taking my youngest son (4 years old) up to the large sports field/track on base, taking off his bike's training wheels and telling him that all he has to do is "go fast and straight." He hit a tree head-on, crashed into a sprinkler that popped off his shoe which landed on the sprinkler head and sprayed us all over. But within 30 minutes he was able to bike home without his training wheels and proudly tell his mom! He has been beaming since.

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Melene said...

Sweet post, Tim. There are many perks to being a parent and it's great when we take the time to point them out, rather than just talking about the difficult times.