Saturday, March 03, 2007

Amazing Grace

Kristin and I watched this movie last night. Here's what I enjoyed most about it:

Christian faith should lead to action carried out consistent with that faith (compare the abolitionist leaders of Britain to those of the U.S.) .

Young adults (under 30) can be principled and mature, and when they are, they effect powerful change in the life of others much older.

A pastor can have a life-long effect on the youth that he pastors (John Newton was William Wilberforce's pastor as a boy)

The actor who played John Newton was very powerful

There were a couple of things I didn't like:

From what I understand of Wilberforce's life, the movie should have had even more of an emphasis on Christianity as the cause for ending the slave trade in Britain.

Hollywood continues the myth that immodest dress is required for a woman to be attractive.


Cody said...


Christianity Today said that the movie was a little slow and stately and could have used more passion...would you agree?

Tim said...

I wouldn't summarize the movie that way, although those particular flaws are somewhat true.

I don't recommend seeing Amazing Grace because it gives the viewers a rush. I wanted to see it because it makes an important and glorious chapter of Christian history very accessible. I may never set aside the time to read a biography of Wilberforce, but I'll watch a 2 hour movie and still be edified. Especially considering that it had skillful acting, beautiful cinematography, and historical accuracy.

Cody said...

Thanks, Tim! I think their point was that a movie about abolishing slavery and standing for Truth would naturally tend to be somehwat passionate and emotional...I look forward to seeing this regardless. It's a great story that needs to be told!