Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tripping over the tiles

I accompanied my pastor last night on a shepherding visit. The older man we visited lives in a retirement center and joked with us about how before we arrived he tripped over some tiles near the dining hall and entertained the other residents with his quick footwork trying to avoid a painful fall. It sounds like the residents receive great and regular medical care, but we'd all prefer if he didn't need it.

As I reflected on this enjoyable visit while driving home a parallel between the retirement center and the church hit me. Residents in a center like his are frequently in need of physicians and medical attention. They are frail physically and want good doctors that will care well for them. Likewise, as members of a church we are spiritually frail--prone to trip over the tiles if you will--and frequently in need of a physician of the soul. I'm thankful that our church has a good one.

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