Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rules for Dating (according to a 10 yr old boy)

Eli was recently "promoted" to the next higher Sunday school class. Today they studied one of the best love stories of all time, Isaac and Rebekah. The denominational curriculum we use took this opportunity to discuss some principles for dating. Eli, putting his mind to this subject for his first time, came up with some additional rules for dates.

Don't kiss anybody
Don't dance; just go out to eat.
Dates can be embarrassing so go in disguise.
If you are out to eat close your eyes when anybody kisses anybody else.
When anybody talks about dating plug your ears.
TOP SECRET: don't tell any girls you like them.
Never make eye contact; look away.
At school sit in the back row so nobody can look at you.
If you send a valentine card don't put your name on it.
Never give a girl flowers.
Never go to weddings.
Close your eyes when people kiss in movies.
Never spy on girls unless it's your sister because if you're caught you are in big trouble.
Never get behind a girl in the lunch line.

Thanks to Sunday school teachers Haley and Dan for instilling a healthy fear of "the other" in my boy. I don't think I have to worry about Eli getting any dates for the next few decades!


Haley said...

Hahahaha! I wish we could take credit for making it so easy for you to manage Eli's interest in girls, but he came prepared with that list before the lesson even started. Maybe he should teach next time. Our advice wasn't nearly as good or as detailed. As always with your kids, Eli is a joy to have in class. And a good sport.

Tim said...

Thanks for the tip that Eli had the list done before your class. Since the list was written on the sermon notes sheet, I wonder what he was doing during worship?

So I asked him. He swears he's clean; he didn't do it during worship.

I'll have to keep a closer eye on what goes on in the crow's nest.