Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pocket tools

Now that Thanksgiving is over some of us have found that it is possible to give thanks without a thankful heart. Extra time around family can reveal new layers of selfishness, often resulting in sinful anger. I've made use this weekend of a great tool for dealing with sinful anger in my life and recommend it to others for its very simple yet powerful help. This booklet is a summary of the Puritan Richard Baxter's writings on anger; it's small enough to easily fit into your pants pocket and laid out clearly enough to direct an angry temper towards peace.

One of the common complaints of reading the Puritans is the length. The Pocket Puritans series puts their power of exposition and application easily within reach.

Other topics covered in the Pocket Puritan series: lust, faith, heaven. It could be the best $3.60 you ever spend.

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