Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A face for interracial families

If I put aside politics, parties, and policies for a moment and instead consider the social effect of this election, it is truly worthy of wonder. Many commentators are remarking on the significance of electing our first African-American president and what it signals for race relations in our culture. Most of the attention focuses on a more accepting white community (without putting it in those words).

I, too, hope this is a lasting change, yet my hope is that both black and white communities will become more accepting of interracial families. When people look at my family, instead of seeing different races, will they instead draw a parallel to the upbringing of Barack? Before when people saw a white mama holding a black baby they probably didn't have a category for that, but now interacial families have a face--the face of a president.
A young Barack held by his mother
A young Faith held by her father

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