Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Entertainment and Retirement can kill you

HT: Pure Church


Anonymous said...

Strong stuff from Piper with some good points...I worry though that this line of thinking can lead us away from the arts and from engaging with our world on a cultural level. I don't think that Piper is advocating for this, but it's a pretty short clip, so hard to say.

I do feel very strongly that Christians should be MORE engaged in the arts and not cede them over to the world. As others have said, we used to inspire (and fund) the paintings and the sculptures and the cathedrals. If the world is mindlessly settling down to watch movies night after night, then we ought to be slipping in whatever glimmers of the Gospel we can to such a captive audience...while making sure to not become captives ourselves!


Tim said...

His main point is sound: personal peace and affluence have become a life goal and there is great danger here for your soul (something Schaeffer warned about decades ago).

You are right that we need to stay engaged with culture-making and this has historically meant that the Church leads in the fine arts (rather than ape pop culture).