Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Staycation Day 3

Day 3 began when I woke up, stepped into the hall, and found this...
As Isaiah tells the story he was on his way to the bathroom in the middle of the night but collapsed en route (a distance of 3 feet from his room) from "tiredness" and made the hallway carpet his bed for the remainder of the night. To me this is a sign that we're having a good vacation; if the 6 year old is worn out, things are going well.

Today took us to the Tram with grandma, a 4,000 feet climb up a suspended cable in 15 minutes.
The crest is a refreshing getaway from the city with its cooler, wet climate and lush forest greens.

IT'Z was the second stop of the day. For those lucky enough not to know what IT'Z is, it's a mega-sized Chuck-E-Cheese. It's easy to know what it sounds like inside an IT'Z; simply turn on every TV, stereo, and alarm clock in your home to different stations, crank them up full blast, and let them go while you try to communicate with others scattered throughout the house. Throw in an assortment of strobe lights and a couple thousand flashing lights to complete the effect.


Haley said...

I love Isaiah! Tiredness. That's so great. And what adorable pictures of you and Faith! Save those ... they'll make a great memento one day. As for IT'Z, I had to write a story about it when it was being developed, and I remember thinking "Wow, this sounds like a loud, stressful place." But I'm sure I'll be spending my fair amount of time there soon enough. Glad the staycation is going well!

Tim said...

Faith surprised me when she insisted we step into the photo booth. Somehow she knew what to expect when she sat down. It was a fun time!