Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Ordinary Pastor

The prolific biblical scholar and ubiquitous speaker, Don Carson, tells the story of his father, Tom Carson, through a collection of his father's private journal entries. Here we see the life of an "ordinary pastor"--one who does not rise above the local level, preach to thousands, or write books to millions.

This short and easy book convinces the reader that the work of an ordinary pastor, if he is faithful to his call, is not short and easy. Tom's love for the flock meant that he patiently endured hardship and poured himself out--well after "retirement age"--in life-long service to his Savior's bride. This is just what an ordinary pastor does.

Tom Carson was more aware of his faults than his strengths and he struggled with seasons of depression when he doubted his abilities and service. But he was a man who remained faithful and who served the Lord with all his heart.

I enjoyed reading this book from first to last. There is much we can learn from a faithful, but ordinary, pastor.

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