Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crisis Pregnancy Chronicles

Kristin has recently switched from being a scheduler/secretary at our city's Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) to serving as a counselor. This is a high-stress job, but one that is of utmost importance when you consider what is at stake.

This week a teenage couple came in for an ultrasound and counseling, along with the girl's mother. When the young man found out his girlfriend was pregnant, he declared that he would not look or speak to her until she had an abortion. The mother was indecisive about what to do and put the decision squarely on her daughter's shoulders.

There's more to the story than I can share here but the couple stayed a lot longer than scheduled and it appears some progress was made. Kristin was able to pray with the young lady.

Meanwhile, the leading abortion-advocacy organization, NARAL, has apparently stepped up their efforts to shut-down CPCs, or at least dissuade as many pregnant women as possible from going there. This recent report describes CPCs as deceptive and misleading. NARAL continues to lobby Congress for legislation to severely limit the work of CPCs. The CPCs and those that volunteer there are worthy of your prayers.

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