Monday, July 21, 2008

Staycation Day 1

We're on our version of a vacation, one where we stay put in Albuquerque and see the local sights. Dubbed "Staycation", it saves on gas and lodging, and still provides a good time with the comforts of home. For day 1 we went to the city Aquarium and Botanic Gardens. The children never tire of the Alice and Wonderland effect of the magic garden with its larger-than-life vegetables, caves, and maze.

In other news, the older children were able to save up $200 between the three of them and thus fulfill a deal we made with them to purchase a Wii. Surprisingly, Grace has found her athletic niche and so far is undefeatable at any Wii sport. The most humbling defeat for me was boxing; my Mii character was decked four times in three rounds by her little girl Mii before finally being KO'ed. Kristin had a good laugh at my desperate lunging punches and Grace's rabbit-like speed punching.


boqpod said...

That Children's Fantasy Garden is always a destination for Abigail. I enjoy it, too!

What do your kids do when the bumble-bee "buzzes"? (We enjoy watching people react to the buzz)

Tim said...

A lot of creativity when into that part of the gardens. I wonder if this fantasy garden is unique to ABQ or if other cities have the same set-up. Either way, I hope the designer received an award.

We had forgotten about the buzzing in that part of the garden and it startled us. I thought it was supposed to be a giant fly protecting its turf until I looked up and saw the bee.