Monday, November 19, 2007

Safely through week 1

With help from my friends I memorized Colossians 1:1-4 last week. Now it's on to verses 5-8. But while I'm feeling good about this plan, here's a reminder to me and my helpers for when things get tough.

Q: Why memorize something you're just going to eventually forget?
A: Because memorizing Scripture is what God exhorts me to do ("thy word I have hid in my heart", "let the word of Christ dwell richly in you") and the Spirit of Christ will use the Word of Christ in me to make me more like Christ.


Pinky said...

thanks for the pep talk - I was just sitting here, with a house full of guests, wondering how in the world i am going to tackle the 2 big no no lists that are in the these verses.


Tim said...

I'm hoping to see Jill's illustrations for help with the lists. For now I've made up two new words: sipec and awmso, which contain the first letters of each item in the ESV version of the list.