Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Begone unbelief!

We had the immense pleasure this evening of having a frontier missionary visit our home. He's the kind of guy that so embodies trust in God, love for Christ, and compassion for the lost that I am revealed for what I truly am, a spiritual wimp, a practical-atheist even.

I can't post any details or photos of him and his family because it might risk his ministry in the Muslim country he is returning to. This land is strongly anti-Christian and missions work has been forbidden for decades.

I am so delighted my children got to see him again and learn more of his work and life. I want my children to grow up exposed to risk-taking missionaries, especially those that will play checkers with Isaiah and graciously accept some very poor accommodations for the night.

Tonight I am feeling in desperate need for faith and action. But this feeling will pass too soon, like my friend.


MWB said...

Indeed, it is as enjoyable as it is humiliating to be with him. He accepted humble accommodations at our place too...and left the kindest note to the little girl displaced from her bed for the night. It makes all her worldly treasures look like so much dust, and mine, like, well, you know.

Tim said...

Yep, there's a family of whom the world is not worthy.

We're glad to hear that you all are doing well, too!