Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy 8th, Grace!

We've all heard about a daddy's protective love for his daughter--and you better believe that I have it! Grace is such a sweet little girl who seems to grow kinder and more lovely every day.

I need to pray more for her future husband because I cannot imagine any man worthy of her hand. Happy Birthday, dear Gracie!


Melene said...

Happy Birthday to Grace from the Sextons!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, too!

boqpod said...

Abigail's "boy" (wherever he is--he's out there somewhere) gets prayed for every night during her cribside prayers.

1st time tonight she asked "Pray for Abigail's boy?"

Better believe it!

We also ask that we would have eyes to see the fruit of God's Spirit in him; not to focus on his outward appearance.

Good thing, too! Cos' all I'll be able to see is a great big red bullseye :)