Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My devotional picks for 2008

The new year is almost here so now's the time to plan and purchase what you'll need for personal devotions in 2008. Kristin and I have been very pleased with D.A. Carson's For the Love of God. This is a Bible reading plan and commentary that covers a chapter in four different books of the Bible each day. That can be too much some days and this plan easily allows for scaling back.

The best prayer help, in my judgment, is still The Valley of Vision. It's a great way to start your prayer time each day.

Tabletalk is always a good resource for devotions. They plan to cover Matthew in 2008.

The Ancient Christian Devotional also looks interesting and I've heard good things about it from folks I respect. If you give it a try let me know.
Whatever you choose, don't wait too much longer to plan it out. Add a present for yourself to your Christmas list.


boqpod said...

Three comments if I may:

(1) Thomas Oden; ed of Ancient devos - I thoroughly enjoyed his auto-bio "After Modernity...What?"; his story as a Modern who went ad fonts suggests a much-needed, contemporary Reformation but...

(2)...I cancelled my subscription to "Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture" book series of which he was an editor.

(3) One Year Study Bible - I know its not a devo but may I suggest this as a perennial study? I keep a clip of colored-pens, highlighters, notebook & with Matthew Henry's commentary nearby, it becomes a devo. I can't recommend this enough.

Tim said...

Isn't Matthew Henry's commentary great? It was the first book I bought as a new Christian. I had no idea what a treasure it was. I had never heard of him before. But once I bought it and started reading it, it was soon obvious that this purchase as a divine providence in itself.