Thursday, February 01, 2007

Global Domination

There's a meme going around the blogs to self-identify weirdness. That in itself is pretty weird, but so far none of the weirdness that I've read comes close to MY weirdness: I actually enjoy Presbytery meetings. I like Robert's Rules of Order. I even tried to use them at work today! How's that for weird!

One of the highlights of the recent Presbytery for me was the testimony of a silver-haired husband and his wife that are raising funds to go to the mission field. His presentation was simple, when he reads Isaiah 6 he says with the prophet, "Here am I. Send me." It's refreshing to see an older couple turn down the self-centered pleasures of an easy retirement and pursue the real joy of the Kingdom. I know it's a difficult decision to leave behind grandchildren, the comforts of home, and good healthcare. May they receive a hundredfold.

I haven't been blogging lately partly because a different kind of global domination has been consuming the time. I don't think we're playing RISK right; our first game has gone on for about 6 hours and there's no end in sight.

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