Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh, the books that would be written!

In family worship last night we finished reading through John's Gospel. It closes with an expression of love to Jesus, that if the disciple attempted to record all that Christ has done not even the world itself would be large enough to contain the books that would be written.

After this reading my 7-year old daughter Grace asked me, "Daddy, how can I believe in Jesus?" Is that not a question that every Christian parent loves to hear? It shows a softened heart, good soil for the gospel. I gently reminded her of the great work that Christ has done in rescuing us from the punishment of our sins. I encouraged her to always trust in what her Savior has done for her and to love Him with all her heart.

What is this blog but another disciple's attempt to record a small fraction of the wonderful things that Jesus has done?

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