Sunday, January 21, 2007

When the Darkness Will Not Lift

Blogs are supposed to be happy places. When people voluntarily display their lives to the world they want the best side to show (unless there's teenage angst involved). But no one's life is good all the time, and for some Christians, there are long stretches of time when there is no joy in God.

This short book (~80 pages in large font and plenty of white space) can help during those dry times. It's a shortened version of another John Piper book about fighting for joy. In this work, he crisply speaks to the place of the gospel in helping those for whom joy stays out of reach. He also addresses the role of medication in the fight for joy. Interspersed throughout are brief sketches of other well known Christians who have struggled with depression--some with happy endings and some without.

This is a helpful book for anyone waiting for God to bring them out of the darkness.

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