Sunday, February 25, 2007

Know your enemy (part 2)

The first part of this short series pointed out how our nation’s enemies have learned to be lethal yet stealthy. The same tactic, I’m convinced, is being employed against the American church, against us. Rather than lions and gladiators, modern-day foes of the church are largely unrecognized, yet effectively marginalizing us into nominal Christians.

To fight against an enemy, you have to take notice of it, to consider it a deadly foe indeed, and one that is to be destroyed by all means possible. An unexamined life can not fight against sin. Rather you must labor to be acquainted with your particular enemy. What are its ways of attacking? When does it usually prevail?

For instance, one of my enemies is anger (in the form of frustration with my family). This sin is prone to attack on Sunday mornings as we're getting ready for church and time is running out. If I haven't prepared for its attack it will almost certainly prevail and spoil my family's worship that morning.

The point here is you must examine your life. This should be part of your private worship. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you your enemy, its methods and wiles. This is the beginning of the warfare. "If you through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body you shall live." Romans 8:13

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