Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My mission field

I've been in the Mojave desert this week (Edwards AFB, CA) while my wife has bravely tended a sick kiddo and weathered a snowstorm. My desert exile provides a moment for a brief missionary letter.

Several months ago I was involved in frequent conversations with Mark the Mormon; I've written about him before. He's since moved away, so we've shifted to e-mail. Last week I asked him some pointed questions aimed at awakening him to the significance of the eternal deity of Christ. Mormon theology is wacky in this area and I would like to unravel this theological mess for him. He has yet to write-back, but we can pray for understanding.

I've spent the week with a couple of junior officers that work for me, so I'm faced again with how to evangelise in this situation. I will ignore any government direction to keep my faith private, but I think there can be wisdom-reasons for being careful about evangelizing those you supervise. Tonight I was able to talk about the Scriptures a little with one of the officers. Tomorrow we'll spend 3 hours in a car together. This is a great opportunity, I should spend some time tonight praying for what to say.

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