Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pensive, prideful, angst-filled heart

If we had lunch together and I was feeling candid, here's what I'd want to talk about.

I'd let it slip out that I lost sleep on Sunday night thinking about an idea Kristin had to reach our neighbors with the gospel. And I had to get up early the next morning because that's the day I serve breakfast at the rescue mission. All that feeds my busy pride.

It upsets me to see how careless, casual, and aimless many Christians are when they worship God publicly. Don't they know how special a means of grace corporate worship is and that they should come expectantly to it? I wouldn't mention that I'm having trouble worshiping with gladness. All that feeds my busy pride.

I would tell you about an old friend of mine, who is my age, and who just sold their house and bought an RV so they could travel every weekend. This gives me a great lead-in to two of my favorite convictions (such a pious sounding word): the ungodly temptation towards a life of ease, and not valuing community. I wouldn't tell you what I've been thinking about my neighbors and co-workers. All that feeds my busy pride.

That should be enough during a meal with you to create the impression I'm looking for. All that feeds my busy pride.