Monday, August 21, 2006

Happiness is...a good, new book

Kristin and I are excited about the announcement of a new biography of Elizabeth Prentiss, author of one of our favorite books, Stepping Heavenward. Here's part of Sinclair Ferguson's endorsement of the new biography,
This is a gently written portrait of a remarkable—and honest—woman: "I am so vehement, so positive, and lay down the law so!" she wrote (know anyone like that?), but added, "I believe the grace of God can cure faults of all sorts, be they deep-seated or external."

Sharon James traces their [Elizabeth and George Prentiss] lives--with fascinating glimpses into nineteenth century society. Here is a real love story. Their empathy with one another (each lost their father when they were around nine years old), their deep pleasure in each other as recorded in their letters, and much else makes this book a delight to read. But it is also a tale of struggle and sorrow.

"More Love to Thee, O Christ" well sums up the theme. It is a sensitive and sensible account of Christian living, marriage, motherhood and ministry.

The Church suffers from a lack of edifying, well-written biographies of honorable Christian women. For my wife and daughters' sake, I hope this book brings a powerful example to inspire them.

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Jennifer said...

That is exciting! Stepping Heavenward is one of my favorite books. I would love to read her biography. Thanks for sharing!