Monday, July 31, 2006

Going casual

Occasionally in the evenings Kristin and I will ask each other about the Scriptures we each read during private worship that morning. It's a test question that reveals if we're treating God's Word too lightly and just going through the motions.

Evidence "A" that I've been reading God's Word too casually is when I'm unable to remember much of what I read a little later when I try to pray about it. To combat casual reading I've started to write down the most pray-able passages of Scripture from my morning and evening readings. This notebook serves as a memory jogger during prayer and forces me to slow down and ingest a little more of what God is saying.

Since I'm talking about "Quiet Time," have you read what my friend Mark recently wrote? It's an enjoyable, satirical blog post that pokes a little fun at some of the silly and ineffective religious doings that we're so skilled at.

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