Friday, March 25, 2005

The Spirituality of the Cross

I zipped through this little book by Gene Edward Veith, Jr. It's an explanation of Lutheranism in its best light, presented at the layman's level. Now that I've read about Lutheranism at its best, I'd like to balance out the view some by reading an account of a reformed writer (preferably a pastor) that was once a Lutheran. I don't know of any at this point.

One of the unfortunate discoveries I've made since attending a Lutheran church is how different Christian groups misrepresent each other. What little I had picked up about Lutheranism before attending here has proven to be largely false, and I expect some day I'll hear a Lutheran mischaracterize Calvinists. If I'm ever given the opportunity to speak about other Christian traditions, I'll now be more careful in what I say.

"the way of the first evangelicals..."

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