Friday, March 18, 2005

Lack of Courage?

I've read the latest concerning Terri Schiavo; a dark day for our nation. Terri's parents were removed from the room before the tube was pulled. Who could escort a father away from his own child right when she needs him the most? Why not just refuse to do it and be fired? The same goes for the health care staff who actually pulled the tube. Where's their backbone?


Anonymous said...

Having prayed about this during the pastoral prayer in worship the last few weeks, I became even more fervent in this morning's worship. Following the service, I was approached by a FoxNews-watching, conservative, Republican, abortion-hating lady who said, "I want to take issue with you on the Florida woman. I think the loving thing to do is let her die." I asked, "Could you say that again, but replace 'let her die' with 'let her starve to death"? She then did without hesitation. I went over issues with her, but I could see that she remained unconvinced.

I don't really have a point here, other than to express my shock and awe at how we must make no assumptions on matters of life: the other side has virtually won and Tim has shown some evidence for it.

I called one of my US Senators about it yesterday. I was actually able to get him on the phone (something that can happen if you let the receptionist know you're a pastor about to speak to your congregation on an issue like this) just before he left to vote to allow the House to meet today. He expressed his deep commitment to remedy the problem if possible. I asked him what he would do if he were Jeb Bush (Gov. of Florida). He said he'd order the Florida National Guard to take control of the situation until he was put out of office. Oh how big we talk!

Pastor Friend

Tim said...

Great comment. Sorry to hear about the objection you received from within your congregation; but I'm glad to hear this is part of your pastoral prayer.