Friday, March 11, 2005

Adoption Update:

We received a copy of the medical records for the little girl in San Antonio. We reviewed them today with our pediatrician to get a better understanding of this child's special needs. I have made the decision that our family is not ready to provide the level of care that this precious child is expected to require.

The good news is that another family is interested in the child.

We still intend to adopt a child, and hope that now we will be better prepared to consider other special needs children in the future.


Suzanne said...

It is a good thing to be realistic about what your family can do.
You have plenty of health challenges already. I believe you have made a wise decision.
God has a plan and we will keep praying as that plan unfolds.
Blessings to you all.

Tim said...

Thank you for the encouraging note, Suzanne.

In church this morning I noticed a beautiful, and mildly retarded, little girl that stretched out her hand to touch and smile at anyone who passed by; I teared up and am having second thoughts about my decision that turned down a baby girl with a similar condition.

Kristin and I have much to think and pray about.