Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jammy Rides

In what was likely a hypocritical combination of events, tonight after the Lenten service we surprised the children and went out for doughnuts. The basic idea comes from this article. In the Wilson household after the children were tucked in their beds, songs sung, and lights turned off, the Wilson parents would occasionally stand by the front door and holler "JAMMY RIDE!!!". These magic words brought children tumbling out of their beds like Christmas morning! Then into the back seat of the car they would scramble, and off they would go for an ice cream surprise.

It's too cold for ice cream here, but fresh and hot Krispy Kremes made a great substitute. We also didn't bother with the jammies this time, but it was after bedtime and that's reason enough to excite a kid.

Here we are just back from our first jammy ride.

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