Saturday, March 05, 2005

3 Good Things About Blogs

Having finished one take-home final this evening, I surfed around the blogosphere as a means of procastinating before attacking a second one. At first I looked here, since I'm from the Clemson, South Carolina area, and quickly felt puny. Here's another super well-read, articulate, reformed guy who also can run a mean marathon. Kinda like this guy.

Point 1: Blogs are good at feeding a desire to read more and better stuff. I don't have to look far to find others who are able to. I have no excuse not to.

Kristin has enjoyed reading this blog for a while. I noticed her blog-award and looked at the winners in the other categories. I enjoyed a visit to the website of the best blogging pastor; I could tell I'd like this guy. After digging around for quite a while I discovered he's PCUSA.

Point 2: I would never consider looking for a good pastor or church in the PCUSA. Now I have to reconsider whether that judgment is simply too condemning. Blogs are good for expanding your circle of friends.

Since ever military man is trained in trinitarian thinking (i.e. 3 points to every brief), here's a last thought for the night. There are an amazing number of really interesting blogs out there.

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