Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Troubling news from Dallas

Our denomination's General Assembly (our largest gathering of elders from across the nation) is occuring in Dallas this week. One of the issues they're wrestling with is whether the office of deacon is for men only. Scripture at its most clearest point (1 Tim 3) indicates 'yes'. Our Book of Church Order for hundreds of years (I believe) has clearly stated 'yes'.

Granted, there is an inference from Scripture (Rom 16) that many use to argue for deaconesses, but the real fear among some in the PCA is that we're starting down the path again towards liberalism. It may begin with deaconesses, but it tends toward female elders and pastors, and ends with a rejection of Scriptural authority.

Here's the situation, two high-profile PCA leaders are in strategic positions to take the first denominational step towards this direction. Both these men are godly and respected and have done much good for the PCA. For that I am very thankful and have personally profited. However, it appears that these men aren't fully in step with complementarianism, what many in the PCA believe is a biblical view of manhood and womanhood for the home and church.

A lively debate among the elders is expected tomorrow; let's be in prayer for truth and peace.

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