Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I was able to join Kristin and the children for the last couple of days of fun in the lovely mountain-town of Ruidoso, NM and its vicinity.

From the visit to Capitan, NM; the birthplace of Smokey Bear (I've now been educated that it's not Smokey THE Bear, just like it's not Easter THE Bunny).

We're really glad we planned a trip to White Sands. In the cool of the day its a breath-taking and fun place to visit. Three hundred square miles of pure white dunes.

It doesn't take very much to fascinate children. Cheap fun was had by the hours in the shady waters of the Carrizo creek.

Kristin and Isaiah leading the pack, with Grace in 2nd, and Aunt Lynn and Cousin Parker coming up fast. As expected, the race track was a big hit with everyone.

We celebrated our 14th anniversary a little late and with 5 tag-a-longs.

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DieselRV said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys! Jeff and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary on June 11th as well. Time sure does fly when you are having fun!